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Fuel injector connector replacement
The author thereof, shall not be held responsible or liable, under any circumstances, for any damages resulting from the use or inability to use the following information.



1. Cut stock connector wires 2 inch above the connector.  
2. Strip insulation about ¼ inch off insulation. 



3. Cut new connector wires to desired length.



4. Strip insuration about ¼ inch off new connector wires.


Option #1, Soldering/Attaching

1. Slide in shrink tubing (optional). 

2. Marge wires in together (like a deck of cards).

3. Hold the hot soldering tool under the joint to be soldered and feed the solder from the top. A styrofoam cup may help to hold wires in place.
4. Let the solder melt and run down until the joint is thoroughly covered.



5. After the solder cools and becomes hard, slide shrink tubing over joint.




6. Use dryer to shrink the tubing. 


Option#2, Using butt connectors

1. Twist both ends of stripped wires. 
2. Insert twisted end in butt connector. 
3. Crimp butt connector onto wire. 
4. Wrap with electrical tape.