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  • Fuel injector connector pigtail replacement
  • Lower seal installation
  • Resistor pack/box removal, delete plug installation
  • Fuel injector pintle cap/filter replacement
  • Paypal/credit card payment
  • Cleaning process videos

Replacing worn or broken injectors connectors is simple. Here are 2 example of how to do this.

When using most after market performance injectors for Honda/Acura application, bored out lower seals help ease installation. Here is a helpful step by step guide.

When upgrading from low impedance (peak&hold) injectors to high impedance (saturated) injectors, the resistor box needs to be removed. Our resistor box delete plug makes this plug and play! Since no cutting/hacking is required, this plug allows you to easily switch back to low impedance injectors if necessary. Here is a installation guide.

Here is a helpful video of how to replace a fuel injector pintle cap/filter.
Fuel injector pintle cap installation, Denso
Fuel injector pintle cap installation
Fuel injector filter installation

"NO" paypal?  "NO" problem. Follow these simple steps to pay with a credit card.

Here are some visual aids of our cleaning/testing processes.