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Please print this page or print the Service Request Form to include with your injectors. Service request form must be filled out and sent in with your injectors.FAQ page.

Service Request Form     



Email Address:

Service Type:  □ Full Cleaning Service:  QTY ______      □ Test Only:  QTY ______      □ Other:      
Shipping: □ Standard Domestic Shipping *Free standard domestic  return shipping with 4⁺ full cleaning service! □ Other  ________
Year:                       Make:                        Model :                       Engine:          


I hereby authorize OSIDETIGER FICS to perform the above service to be done with the necessary materials. 

Authorized By:  ___________________________________________________  Date:  ______________

Payments for services rendered are due immediately upon completion. All non-paying customer's item(s) will become property of OSIDETIGER FICS and will be disposed of if payment is not paid in full after 30 days.


Please leave the old parts on the injectors so we can ensure you get the proper replacements. We will return the old parts. Broken pintles, cracked plastic, damaged connections, leaky injectors, e.t.c. are not repairable. Please do not ship your fuel rails or additional charges will apply. We strongly recommend using the tracking service when sending in your package.


  1. Fill out completely / sign this form and include with package.
  2. Wrap injectors individually and put them in a plastic bag to keep the package from smelling of gasoline.
  3. To ensure prompt handling, please affix shipping label  to package.

Ship to: Osidetiger FICS
30724 Benton Rd, Suite C302-525

Winchester, CA 92596